Fitness Franchises for Sale CHEAP! (Corporate Takeovers)

if you have been looking at fitness franchises we have a very unique situation for buyers to walk into existing locations with cash flow, for pennies on the dollar.
Last year was tough for many fitness franchise owners and some were no longer able to continue the business. Since then corporate, took over the operations of select studios from franchise partners who could not continue. Obviously they wanted to keep the locations up and running and servicing their local member base. This is a temporary measure as this is a big company, they are publicly traded, and the largest in the space, they are not in the business of running studios. They’d much rather support owners & have local boots on the ground in the market. Someone with skin in the game who will build that local studio up.
These locations are being sold at the cost of only the franchise fee. Usually when you open a franchise you have the franchise fee plus your buildout cost, which is usually hundreds of thousands of dollars. These locations are already built-out, they are operating with various levels of cash flow, they just need a motivated new owner to step in and grow the business. Keep in mind New year is coming up which is one of the best times for fitness.
The cost of a single studio is just the franchise fee 60K or three studios for $135k. Obviously you will need additional capital for various expenses, but the cost to acquire the business is only the franchise fee. That is a savings in some cases of hundreds of thousands of dollars and these businesses are already running. The company does have a verifiable net worth minimum requirement of $500k for all their owners. So your assets minus liabilities must be at least $500k.
If you live in one of these cities and are interested it is best to contact us asap as they will undoubtedly go quickly. **Please do not email or leave comments asking for the name of the company as we need to speak with you first and get you prequalified before we provide the direct introduction.

Available Cities:
New York, Atlanta GA, Salisbury MD, Aspen CO, Chattanooga TN, Fargo ND, Toronto On., Concinatti OH, San Antonio TX, Minneapolis MN, Aspen CO, Dallas/Ft W TX, Los Angeles CA, Jackson MS, Reno NV, Chicago IL, Hilton head SC, Phoenix AZ, Orlando Fl, Denver CO, Nashville TN, Albuquerque NM,
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